How to activate your dream

  • Are you stuck in your work or personal life and do you want change?
  • Do you have an idea of where you’re going but is something blocking the way?

Do you recognize yourself in one of these situations?

The How To Activate Your Dream workshop will get things moving.

After this workshop:

  • You will have a clear perspective on the change you’re yearning for
  • You will have tools to get obstacles out of the way
  • You will have taken first steps towards realizing true change.

What does this workshop offer you?

  • Two experienced psychologists leading the workshop
  • A 15 minute pre-interview to get started (by phone or Skype)
  • Connection with your life: you will pick a concrete theme from your life and will be working with it
  • A group of people that you will be part of, sharing experiences and inspiring each other
  • A keep-up-the-good-action-toolbox
  • Follow-up session.

With the support from the right experts you will activate your dream quicker than you think.


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